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Google hides “Clinton body count” search results, but GoodGopher.com tells the truth


Our attachment to and dependence on technology — and Google — has become ubiquitous. Think of the quintillions of individual keypad strokes accumulating all those bits and bytes of transferred data. These massive numbers and algorithms are taking on a life of their own. Even the largest number in the world, a “1, followed by a googol of zeros,” as revealed by

, has a name that reflects our Google culture. Billions depend on that search engine for education, banking, investing, purchasing, planning, reading, writing, searching and purchasing almost anything. But maybe it’s time to rethink your search engine of choice.

Something troubling happens in the Google universe if you’re digging for information concerning
Hillary Clinton’s dark side

. For example, if you’re looking for information on the “Clinton body count,” that troubling web of deceit and death that has shadowed Hillary and Bill’s political ascent,

reports that a Google search for the Clinton body count will not “auto complete.” Instead, it will lead you to sites “related to auto-repair shops.” Also, if you’re searching for Clinton crimes, and type “Clinton cri,” the Google auto-complete function’s “top choice [is] Hillary Clinton crime reform,” not anything about her email actions as Secretary of State.

According to
The Washington Times,

researchers from

were the ones who discovered Google “burying unflattering stories about [Clinton].” Here’s the original

video questioning Google’s intent.

Google responded to this video, denying any nefarious activity. According to
USA Today

, they retorted that their autocomplete algorithm “purposely avoids suggesting offensive words in conjunction with a person’s name.” One wonders if that holds true for Google searches about Donald Trump. One search engine that does its best to tell the truth, wherever it may lead, is


, which provides a powerful platform for independent news and media. Why not give that a try?

There is a much larger story in this

video discovery. And that is the power of search engines to manipulate and
mind control

your voting preferences and influence elections, even without your knowledge. This topic landed on the number eight spot in the top ten “best science stories of the year” list, as reported by

. Dr. Robert Epstein delves even deeper when he ponders the power of internet search engines to be a force in social engineering and control of humanity. He is a psychologist and senior researcher at the American Institute for Behavorial Research.

Epstein’s article in

invokes Aldous Huxley’s “nearly perfect society” in his 1932 book
Brave New World,

the thought control mechanisms explored in George Orwell’s dark and dystopian

novel and the real world marketing mechanisms uncovered in Vance Packard’s 1957 classic,
The Hidden Persuaders.

It was Packard, reports Dr. Epstein, who introduced the chapter on politics with a prescient quote from Kenneth Boulding, who was a British Economist:

“A world of unseen dictatorship is conceivable, still using the forms of democratic government.”

Dr. Epstein’s article also tells us that the Clinton campaign hired a Google employee to be Chief Technology Officer. And that the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who is now the chairman of Alphabet, Google’s holding company, “
set up a semi-secret company

– The Groundwork – for the specific purpose of putting Clinton in office.” As reported by

, the man who does the day to day at The Groundwork is Michael Slaby, who also just happened to be the chief technology officer when Obama ran in 2008. Let’s all take a deep collective breath and think about what this means.