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Top 7 search results hidden by Google but available now on GoodGopher.com


Google collects your data and tracks your every keystroke. As a gatekeeper beholden to corporate interests, they also willfully limit the information that is shared. It is virtually impossible to determine the myriad ways Google tweaks its methodology, but just looking at seven search results makes it clear that it’s time to seek a real alternative. That doesn’t mean Yahoo or Bing. There’s only one search engine where you can get unfiltered, uncensored, independently sourced information. And that is

, which hails as the “first privacy-protected search engine that filters our corporate propaganda and government disinformation.”

1. Hillary Clinton Crimes and Indictment


 made headlines when they discovered that Google’s auto complete function would not fill in properly when searching 
Hillary Clinton

crime. The auto complete function stopped at ‘cri’ and then auto listed the words Hillary Clinton Crime Reform.

Learn the truth about 
Hillary Clinton’s crimes


The same thing happened when Sourcefed.com editors typed ‘Hillary Clinton in’ – looking for Hillary Clinton indictment. Google supplied Hillary Clinton Indiana and Hillary Clinton India.  However, Google trends clearly indicated that as many as eight time more people were searching for Hillary’s crimes and indictments, as opposed to Hillary crime reform and Hillary Indiana or India.

Here is a Goodgopher.com link for the 
Hillary Clinton indictment


 2. Hillary Clinton Body Count

How does Google auto complete when typing Clinton body count? Auto complete stopped at body suggested automobile repair facilities. Not a word about Clinton casualties. More than a coincidence? Google denied any shenanigans.

Check out this link for the real scoop on the 
Hillary Clinton body count


3.Hillary Clinton’s Health

TheDuran.com reports

 when looking for Hillary Clinton’s health, Google’s “auto-complete suggestions including “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton health plan,” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.” No word about Mrs. Clinton’s potential neurological difficulties. So what’s your alternative?

Here is a Goodgopher.com link for the truth about 
Hillary Clinton’s declining health


Filtering out the disinformation is critical, especially when surrounding Hillary Clinton, who, according to Qz.com, hired a top Google employee to become her technical advisor. More worrisome is The Groundwork, a tech group working with the Clinton campaign. This group was created by Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and now Executive Chairman of the parent company, Alphabet. The purpose of The Groundwork, according to Schmidt, is to “ensure Clinton has enough engineering talent to win the election.”

4. Vince Foster’s Suicide

In order to “guarantee” that Hillary Clinton win, is there really anything off the table? Perhaps you’ll want to revisit the 1993 Vince Foster murder, suspiciously deemed a suicide,  that took place during the first Clinton White House. If protecting Hillary is key, why trust Google?

Here you can find  the truth about 
Vince Foster’s suicide


5. 2016 Election

Google is already bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, Don’t forget, her friend Eric Schmidt is now assisting the Pentagon. Google’s limited searches and mind control mentality can absolutely influence the election. Seek truth without corporate bias.

Here is some real, truthful information about the  
2016 election


6. Smart Meters

Smart meters and other devices connected to WiFi, such as your cellphone or tablet, are not as safe as you may think.  Google is pursuing  the Internet of Things (IoT) and is pushing the  belief  your  auto, phone, dishwasher and house 

to be smart for maximum efficiency — even at the cost of your health.

Learn more about the perils of these devices 


7. Chemtrails

In 2011, as reported by Insideclimatenews.org, Google gathered 21 scientists to “improve the way the science of global warming is communicated to the public and lawmakers.” Would this mean they support the poisonous chemtrails to “fix” their 

is bad and man causes global warming myths?

Chemtrails are real, and you can find more information about them 



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