Home News BREAKING: Ecuador Just Updated Situation On Julian Assange! Hillary Clinton Failed!

BREAKING: Ecuador Just Updated Situation On Julian Assange! Hillary Clinton Failed!


Yesterday Julian Assange mysteriously disappeared without a trace. He still has not been heard from after the Ecuadorian Embassy that he has been staying at since 2012 lost all internet.

The situation grew even more grim as WikiLeaks released several documents called insurance files that were attached to Dead Man’s Switches that unless turned off everyday from Assange they would release.

The police refused to comment on the incident and the embassy was also quiet for a very long time until an inside source is claiming now that Ecuador is maintaining their political asylum for Assange that he was granted back in 2012.

Ecuador Foreign Ministry source: "Ecuador will continue to protect Julian Assange and uphold the political asylum granted to him in 2012."

— Alan Jones (@AlanJonesPA) October 17, 2016

This is reassuring news for the millions of people that have been worried about Assange’s safety since he began his mission to expose Hillary Clinton’s secrets.

The internet was cut to the embassy after Assange began releasing thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s chief aide John Podesta.

Assange was scheduled to make another drop, but this was interrupted by the internet being cut.

While there still has not been any news about Assange himself, it is reassuring to see that Ecuador is staying true to its word and protecting Assange from those that would likely see him killed.

Hillary Clinton has been exposed even from one of WikiLeaks document dumps as having asked why the US couldn’t just drone Assange.

Hillary Clinton only cares about herself and wants to protect what’s hers.

That is how Hillary Clinton feels about the information that Assange has been releasing and how big of a threat he is to her evil empire.

Hillary Clinton must be stopped and here’s to hoping that Assange is safe and sound.

We will keep you updated with any information about Assange as it is revealed.