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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Just Lost Every Black Vote! Watch Her Extremely Racist Statement Exposed!


Hillary Clinton likes to portray herself as a friend to black people. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Hillary Clinton’s joy of racist remarks has just been exposed by an ex-White House chef Tracey Martin!

He used to hear her say racist comments all of the time!

In a recent radio appearance, he explained one time in particular that Hillary Clinton referred to a White House employee as an N-Word.

For someone that professes that they love the black communities and has received so much support from black communities in every election, this is completely unforgivable.

Hillary Clinton is the biggest hypocrite to ever enter politics and that’s a long list to start with.

She also apparently used to joke about these words with the staff once she got comfortable with them.

I don’t see how Hillary could get a single black vote after this revelation.

Hillary Clinton not only says the N-Word like it’s nothing, but she also has referred to blacks as “super predators” in the past that kill and attack without care.

How could anyone support this woman?!

Hillary Clinton tries to portray Donald Trump as a racist, but she is the real racist. Not only does she use the N-Word but she also has been endorsed by a KKK Grand Wizard.

Is that the kind of endorsement someone that supports racial equality would be accepting?

Hillary Clinton will try and bury this story and after the interview even, someone broke into the chef’s home at 3 AM reportedly and the interviewer had a strange phone call that was later linked to the DNC through WikiLeaks.

This is the kind of shadow campaign that Hillary Clinton is running and exactly why she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Watch the interview here: