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Wow! Trump Posts Emotional Video To Show What His Campaign Did In Flooded North Carolina, Whole America Gives Him Standing Ovation!


Clintons are exactly what they are trying to accuse Trump – greedy, evil, selfish, ruthless, traitors, scumbags, perverts, monsters!
Remember that!

And here is the proof for that!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:
The Clinton campaign and their sycophantic mainstream media like to portray Donald Trump as a greedy billionaire that only cares about himself. Hillary Clinton herself has said it many times, “Donald only cares about Donald.” But the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is one of the most benevolent men in the United States today.

In a new video posted to social media, the group Women for Trump is seen putting aside politics for a moment in order to help the people in North Carolina affected by Hurricane Matthew. As many communities in North Carolina exist devastated by the high waters left in Matthew’s wake, truckloads of supplies were brought in to aid the victims of that natural disaster. ¬The much needed supplies were provided courtesy of Donald Trump, the man.

Thank you @TrumpWomensTour!#MakeAmericaGreatAgain pic.twitter.com/R4oxaHpsAB

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2016

This is just one in countless examples of Donald Trump’s charitable nature. Stories abound of his generosity to those in need, even when they had no idea he was concerned or even aware of their plights.

Because of the election, we were all privy to the fact Trump suspended his politicking for a few days to come to the aid of those devastated by the massive flooding in Louisiana. Trump sent truckloads of disaster relief items to the people of Louisiana who had literally lost everything.

Videos – both from the news media and from private citizens posting on social media – showed Trump himself off-loading semi-trucks full of supplies and handing them out to those in need.

Video after video showed Trump engaging with the people in an effort to understand what their biggest concerns and worries were. He was seen listening attentively and learning, first hand, about the pain and suffering of those in need.

But these two examples are examples of large scale efforts to help multitudes of people in times of natural disasters. Donald Trump is also well-known – although listening to the media and Hillary Clinton you wouldn’t know it – for extending his generosity to individuals in need.

There are volumes of stories about Donald Trump hearing about an individual’s plight and coming to their aid. Whether it is for purposes of education or healing someone get the healthcare that is so desperately needed, do an Internet search on Trump and charity and you will discover pages and pages of stories of how he has been benevolent when the situation called.

Juxtapose that to the Clintons who allocates about five percent of their charitable foundation’s donations to actual charity causes. Compare that to the Clintons who wrote off over a million dollars in personal income to charity by actually donating it to their own foundation!

No, Donald Trump is far from the greedy billionaire that Hillary Clinton is trying to paint him as. In fact, he is exactly the opposite. To wit, it seems that Clinton is the pot calling the kettle black. It would seem she is the greedy millionaire. Funny how that goes.
American people are not stupid.

Clinton PR machine is not going to trick Americans!

We can win this one folks!

America will be great again!

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