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Breaking: Now This Is Presidential – What Trump Just Did In Florida Made Media Go In Total Blackout!


Trump is a great man!

He is helping, he is brave, he is warm and real.

He is not a PR act, he is a real man, sometimes he can make mistake and sometimes he can do something so great as this in Florida.

According to American Reviewer:

When it comes to things that are important, progressives don’t care.

While they stay in touch and updated on the actions of the Kardashians, there’s not much else that they are good for.

It was while Hillary was fundraising and Obama was on vacation that Trump flew to Louisiana to help out in the flood crisis and give out supplies to those affected.

There were yawns from progressives.

Trump’s team is still helping those affected. Where are Hillary’s liberal supporters?

By the day it looks like Trump will be the best option for president despite the fact that mainstream media ignores this fact.

He is standing strong. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for everything Donald!

We love you, you are going to be great president!

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