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Sean Hannity NUKES Hillary Clinton On Live TV !


We love this guy and the other honest reporters from Fox News that have the guts to report the actual news.

VIA Read Conservatives:

The extent of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty has yet to be measured if, in fact, it can be measured at all. In almost every case, Clinton has lied or manipulated the truth to her personal and political advantage. She is a habitual liar.

In a segment on his FNC show, Sean Hannity attempted to chronicle the most glaring instances of Hillary Clinton’s two-faced political persona. However, even with a staff of dozens of people using the full depth of FOX News’s research capabilities, even Hannity could only scratch the surface. This is a dark testimony to Hillary Clinton’s incredible problem with telling the truth.


Thanks to Wikileaks, which the left castigates despite having sung its praises in the past, we are seeing in clearer detail just how dishonest Hillary Clinton and her team actually are. For that matter, we are now able to see how manipulative and deceptive the whole Democrat Party, progressive movement, and mainstream media are.

**It is so discouraging that the Democratic Party has stooped to such lows to win an election; from false rhetoric, voter fraud, made up stories about Trump, media bias to digging up every piece of dirt they can to try and sway voters, anyone with any common sense sees this and if you’re that desperate and cannot win on your principles and values!

Sean Hannity starts by listing the bullet points outlined back in 2008 during her first run for the White House that were poll-tested to exploit then-Senator Barack Obama’s vulnerabilities. Among those bullet points was the genesis for the birther movement.

What Clinton was saying, in effect, is that politicians should be able to say one thing behind closed doors to high-roller donor audiences and activist groups and something completely opposite to the public. She believes the ends justify the means and that the truth, in pursuit of the goal, is inconsequential.

Hannity pointed out her duplicity on certain issues, such as vetting Syrian refugees, the Keystone Pipeline, border security, and free trade. On each of these issues, she holds opposing viewpoints depending on whether she is speaking publicly or privately.

**The bottom line is it has gotten to the point, sadly, where nothing that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth can be considered truthful. Our nation is being held hostage by a gaggle of habitual liars willing to sell out a country for power and wealth.

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