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Trump Fans Issue Urgent Video Warning to Voters!


Trump is political people’s revolution against elites!

People are going nuts about him.

They even make ads for him and are sharing it online, all free and on voluntary basis.

This has never happened before in US history!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:
Donald Trump fans have done it again! The supporters of the brutally honest outsider candidate are showcasing why Trump is the leader we need and how little time we have to restore America before it is too late to save her.

The “A Hero Will Rise” viral Donald Trump video offers a reality check for the United States. We are rapidly becoming a Third World country.

Hillary Clinton and her liberal minions don’t want to talk about how bad things have gotten in America. They don’t want to see it because they have no clue how to fix it.

Clinton is a ruling member of the liberal elite class. She and her pals have not rubbed elbows with real Americans in decades. “43 million Americans are on food stamps,” Donald Trump can be heard saying in the new campaign video. “The situation is worse than it has ever been before.”

More Americans are now living off the labors of taxpayers than are actually getting up and going to work each day and paying into the system. This is a recipe for economic disaster of epic proportions.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want us to close our eyes and turn a deaf ear to the truth. “Nothing to see here, move along,” is their approach to disgruntled voters concerned about the future of their families and this once great nation.

The roads Hillary’s wheelchair-equipped campaign motorcade travel upon are in perfect condition. The airport where Bill Clinton had a private discussion with Loretta Lynch about her private plane was also in great working order.

The rest of us, well, we are left to dodge potholes and hope our children learn at least a little bit of what they need at failing public schools.

Donald Trump’s successful background in the private sector placed him in the midst of the dire reality that exists far outside of the sheltered confines of Washington, D.C. He understands what everyday Americans face when they get up in the morning and worry about their roads, police protection, crumbling schools, and when they browse the classified section for living-wage jobs.

Trump is right. If changes are not made soon, the United States will more resemble a third world country rather than a country that is supposed to be the most powerful nation in the world.

Trump is going to win. And democrats know that that’s why they are going to rally in red states, they know that they had lost swings states long time ago!

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