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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Has Done It! Hillary Clinton Exposed Lying Under Oath And Her Secret Jumpdrive!


This is Huuge folks! Hillary Clinton’s lawyer had a jump drive of her emails as Secretary of State while Hillary was testifying in court.

She lied under oath claiming that she didn’t know where the jump drive was when she knew exactly where it was.

In a new release from WikiLeaks, Hillary’s lawyer confirms that he had possession of the jumpdrive.

In the email, Hillary’s lawyer says,

“As to the HRC emails, the report explicitly states that none of those emails bore classification or dissemination-limitation markings. It goes on to say that its own IC IG review of the 55,000 pages determined that at least 4 of these emails should have been classified “secret” on account of them containing IC information subject to such classification and that a thumb drive containing these emails is presently in the possession of David Kendall (that would be me) at Williams & Connolly. The matter has been referred to counterintelligence officials at State and the IC (National Counterterroism & Security Center) and the FBI.”

Here’s the full email.

This is the proof that the prosecutors didn’t have before! This proves that Hillary Clinton lied under oath!

That’s perjury! A federal crime!

Not that this should surprise anyone at this point, but this is blatant proof that Hillary Clinton lied under oath.

Cheers to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for exposing the truth and let’s hope that Julian Assange is still safe so he can help bring down Hillary Clinton.

This is exactly why we need Donald Trump as our next president! Hillary Clinton who has broken more laws than any of us can count can’t be allowed to take control of this country for the safety and protection of all Americans.

Donald Trump will end the corruption of Hillary Clinton and crooked Washington!