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Donald Trump Just OBLITERATED Hillary Clinton With One Tweet! Watch Her 10 Step Corruption Plan!


Hillary Clinton is beyond corrupt at this point we all know that, but for some reason people still want to vote for her.

They refuse to believe that she is funneling thousands of dollars through the Clinton Foundation and into her own pocket, accepting money from foreign donors as bribes to meet with her as Secretary of State, and the list goes on.

Donald Trump thought that he would clarify this for voters with one quick video.

This video is absolutely brilliant!

Get rich quick! Crooked Hillary Clinton's pay to play guide: pic.twitter.com/uKh5sCFfrv

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 17, 2016

This video basically summarizes how Hillary Clinton takes advantage of her charity and her old position as Secretary of State in order to make profit and a “pay to play” system.

This is the reality folks. This is Crooked Hillary and we can’t let her keep doing this.

Here are Hillary’s 10 Get Rich Quick Steps:

Step 1: Start a foundation that accepts loads of money from foreign countries and donors.
Step 2: Become Secretary of State
Step 3: Set up a private email server to cover your tracks
Step 4: Meet with foreign leaders with one condition: They donate big bucks to the foundation

Step 5: Foreign leaders, dignitaries (really anyone who paid to play) gets special favors from Hillary
Step 6: Delete any email correspondence on your personal email server
Step 7: Just in case, destroy devices with a hammer
Step 8: Pray you don’t get caught
Step 9: Get caught, cover up, Lie… and lie and lie and lie and lie
Step 10: Run for president!

Hillary Clinton is only using public offices to profit personally. She doesn’t care at all about anyone but herself and her family.

Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest crooks that has ever entered into politics and she has to be stopped.

The best way to do that?

Elect Donald Trump so he can stop the corruption in Washington and clear out people like Hillary and send them to jail.