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Worse Than Lucifer! Donald Trump Just Exposed Hillary’s Biggest Sin!


Hillary is worse than Hitler and Mussolini, she is worse than Lucifer himself!

The level of evil of this women is unbelievable, she is one in a billion!

According to Liberty Writers News:

Trump has finally done it, guys! Hillary Clinton may think she has won the election, but Donald Trump has no intention of bowing down to her like Bernie Sanders did.

First, he had to clear the air about all the smear campaigns she was running to ruin his good name. Now that that’s done, the Donald has exposed the biggest scandal in Democrat history.

He told his supporters at his rally today that:


You see what I mean? Adolf Hitler literally did the exact same thing to his opponents when he rose to power…

Now, knowing how Hillary Clinton opperates, you should expect the Liberal Media to attack Trump with lies like “that’s just how losers act” or “Hillary had no idea.”

***Those could not be any further from the truth.

You see, Hillary Clinton’s own staffer, Scott Foval, was leaked in a recent video describing exactly how the Democrats pay to bus around these violent paid protesters in secret.

If that is not incriminating enough, Dumb old Hillary actually FIRED Scott Foval immediately after the release. Sounds pretty incriminating if you ask me.

Now we need to help Donald Trump expose this horrible truth before the elections. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna see America become Nazi Germany if Hitlery Clinton becomes president…

She is going to be defeated and then remembered as one of the biggest American enemies!

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