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Donald Trump Won The Entire Debate With One EPIC Sentence! Watch Trump Shut Her Down!


Donald Trump proved once again why he is the candidate for the people tonight at the final debate in Las Vegas. He left Hillary Clinton silent and without words when he said this one epic sentence!

Donald Trump: She shouldn’t be allowed to run. She’s guilty of a very serious crime. She should not be allowed to run. And just in that respect it’s rigged.

Hillary Clinton didn’t have a response to it or the many times Trump brought up her many crimes and scandals.

Hillary also dodged Trump’s allegation of her inciting riots at his events, referencing James O’Keefe’s first video of his undercover investigation.

The moderator should have forced her to answer these questions. In fact, they should have asked her directly why two people working at organizations for her were fired the same day O’Keefe’s videos came out.

Watch the first video here:

Donald Trump is exactly right. Hillary has a massive voter fraud scheme also exposed by O’Keefe’s second video.

Watch the second video here:

No wonder Hillary Clinton is calling for open borders behind closed doors so that she can use illegal immigrants to vote for her and win her electoral votes.

Hillary Clinton has never planned on fighting Donald Trump fair and square and the fact that he is still leading her in the polls despite her tricks, lies, and illegal activity just proves how great of a leader he really is.

Donald Trump left Hillary Clinton speechless time and time again at the final debate and he won it handedly.

He destroyed her even more than the previous two. This debate was Hillary Clinton’s last hope to save her campaign from free fall, but Donald Trump went 3-0.

Hillary Clinton probably still has a variety of illegal tricks up her sleeve still so we must make sure we do everything we can for Donald Trump!

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