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It’s WAR – France Just Attacked ISIS and Syria [VIDEO]


After Nice attack, where 80 people died, France is really MAD!

The French Ministry of Defense just confirmed the massive bombing of Raqqa, the “capital” of Syria, the headquarter of ISIS.

The operation was conducted in coordination with US forces. US intelligence has provided information to identify ISIS targets while minimizing innocent damage.

France has dropped 20 bombs in Syria: 12 aircraft have been employed, including 10 fighter jets.

People on social media are going crazy: Destroy them, Kill them one by one, #KillISIS is the new viral hashtag.

The reaction of the French government continues even at home. French Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, said they will start shutting down mosques that preach hate and violence. They will check all the mosques and imams in France.

“I want to combat the preachers of hate, we have to act quickly,” said Cazeneuve.

A video just leaked: