Home News Breaking: Clinton Headquarters Is Under Attack, It Is Being Evacuated Right Now!

Breaking: Clinton Headquarters Is Under Attack, It Is Being Evacuated Right Now!


Hillary is under attack!

Her offices in New York has being attacked with biochemical materials.

This is huge news today.

According to The Federalist Papers:

The Clinton campaign headquarters in New York City was evacuated after a white, powdery substance was found, causing a major security scare.

The New York Police Department said the substance was found in an envelope opened by two interns at Clinton’s Manhattan offices at around 5:30 p.m. Friday. It was then taken to the 11th floor of her Brooklyn headquarters.

The New York Post reported that emergency services ordered the floor to be evacuated after four people were exposed to the substance.

CNN Breaking News: NYPD investigating an envelope with a white powdery substance found at Clinton… https://t.co/DBjZXCg9ts #NewsInTweets

— World News In Tweets (@NewsInTweetsCom) October 22, 2016

An NYPD spokesman declined to identify the substance, but said that tests showed it was not harmful.

Clinton camp: 4 people examined after white powdery substance arrived at Brooklyn HQ, no health issues reported. https://t.co/PprzTQG0cl

— Ken Thomas (@KThomasDC) October 22, 2016

Clinton campaign spokesman Glen Caplin said that the four people who were exposed to the substance had not reported any health problems and were allowed to go home.

“Our office remained open throughout this period and will remain open without interruption [Saturday] morning,” Caplin said.
Who knows who is responsible for this attack.

We do not support any violence or terrorism, we have to use only democratic methods in political activities!

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