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BREAKING: Obama Was In On Everything! White House Has No Answers To Questions About James O’Keefe!


James O’Keefe has come into prominence over the last week for his videos exposing the fraud in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But apparently the corruption doesn’t stop there.

Following the release of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas’ second video in their series Rigging the Election, the focus of the video, Robert Creamer, a felon was fired from his position.

But wait. The story gets more interesting.

Creamer visited the White House hundreds of times and even had over forty meetings directly with President Obama!

Creamer was fired immediately after O’Keefe’s video showed him showing heavy interest in a massive voter fraud scheme involving illegal immigrants.

If this person was willing to commit a massive voter fraud scheme for Hillary across multiple states, why was he meeting with President Obama so much?

This is Huuuge!

President Obama could have used Creamer’s services to get elected.

These are the people that incited riots on purpose at Trump’s events to try and portray Trump supporters as crazy and prone to violence.

These people have no morals or regard for the law. They simply want to win at any cost and is that the kind of person that should be running this country, especially when Hillary using these tactics can’t even beat Donald Trump running a clean campaign.

Donald Trump isn’t using any of these illegal and shady techniques and is beating Hillary in the polls.

What does that say about the American peoples’ trust in Hillary Clinton?

The American people want a leader that will end the corruption in Washington and will take this great country into the future. Not one that will sink this country even further than it has fallen in the last eight years.

Hillary Clinton will be just another Obama clone and will do the exact same things if not even worse.

We have to help Trump get elected!