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Oh Yes, Trump Is Crushing Hillary: The Early Voting Results Are Here, And The Media Does Not Want You To See!


Yes! He is crushing her!

Early voting is up, and boy, this is incredible!

She is going to be smacked so hard, that she will never forget this loss in her life!

American people know what is the right choice!

According to Liberty Writers News:

The Corrupt Clinton machine has been working in overtime this year to deceive voters. We now know, thanks to Wikileaks, that Hillary and the liberal media are working together to get her elected.

The media has covered for Hillary, lied for Hillary, cheated for Hillary and even manipulated the news for Hillary. The goal is to discourage voters into thinking that there is no way Trump can win.

But as powerful as the media is, it can’t overcome the true voice of the people. Just as the Brexit polls were false, so are the polls predicting a Trump loss and now we have proof of that. Trump is already up 5% in ballots in Florida and North Carolina!!

“More people are seeking or casting early ballots in the critical states of Florida and North Carolina than at this point in 2012, as early voting shows signs of surging nationwide.

Florida doesn’t start absentee balloting until Tuesday, but already a record 2.5 million voters have requested ballots. Republicans are ahead in ballot requests, 43 percent to 38 percent.”

We also know that that MILLIONS of former Democrats have switched to Republican this election year, more than at any time in our history. The phenomenon is being called “The Trump effect”

Christian Rickers, chairman of the Trumpocrats, told FOX Business Network that tens of thousands of Democratic voters have switched registration in Ohio and Pennsylvania this year to vote for Donald Trump.

“We have over a million Trumpocrats signed up all over the country. Over 800,000 that we identified in ten counties in Pennsylvania that are going to turn out for Donald Trump.”

The silent majority will prevail and it has the political elite scared to death!

Don’t let the liberal media lie to you!! Trump WILL be president!!

H/T newsjournal

It is called Breadly effect. That is, when many people are saying that they will vote for someone, but actually in reality they are voting for somebody else.

They do not want to admit the truth to the public because they are afraid of ridicule.

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