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Yes – Michelle Obama Is Going To Jail Too – She Is Being Sued For Fraud!


After Clintons, now Obama’s are in big trouble also!

Michelle Obama had spent more money than she could and now she is going to jail for that!

What a nice news is this!

Trump has to enjoy these news, because he is fighting Clintons and Obama’s, and republicans and whole American media!

According to The Truth Division:

Being a First Lady isn’t harder than it seems, especially if you spend country money for personal needs, and people found out about it.

That is exactly what Michelle Obama did.

You can deny as much as you want, Michelle, but we know everything about your trips to Spain and Africa. Some of us can’t afford their children a decent meal, you know.

Judicial Watch has initiated a lawsuit against the First Lady, Michelle Obama, asking for Air Force One records that provide detailed information about the cost of her expensive and extravagant vacation to Spain.

The Obama administration has denied the release of records to the conservative group for some time now, although the group had previously sued to obtain records from Michelle’s 2011 trip to Africa.

Judicial Watch’s goal is true prove that Michelle’s trip to Spain was purely personal, meaning that she inappropriately used American taxpayer dollars to pay for her own vacation.

Here’s the breakdown, according to a Reddit sleuth:

  • POTUS Compensation: $400,000 with $50,000 expense allowance, per year
  • Air Force One, Boeing 747-200B, VC-25: Cost is $210,877 per hour to run and it cruises at 575 MPH.
  • The flight distance between DC and Madrid is 3786.2 miles. That’s flight time of 6.5 hours and a total of $1,388,560.87, one way. The flight distance between DC and Cape Town is 7,907.7 miles. That’s a flight time of 13.75 hours and a total of $2,899,870.48, one way.

One-way total of $4,288,430.

That is way, way more Obama has ever (legally) made from his position of President. We’ll believe that you paid for your vacation with your own money the very same moment you prove it, Michelle. And how on Earth did you earn that much money, huh?

Trump is going to have a lot of work after he become president. These crimes are so big and so many, he is going to spend half of the time fighting all of this scumbags to end up in jail!

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