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Boom, Hillary Is On The Ground: Obama’s Brother Exposes How Hillary Cheated In Final Debate With One Shocking Photo!


Barack Obama’s brother just knocked out Hillary Clinton.

Look what he just find out and revealed to the public.

According to Conservative 101:

Obama’s Muslim brother Malik does not like Obama at all. He thinks Obama has failed this country and he is rooting for Trump.

He wants to make America Great Again.

During the third debate Malik sent out a number of tweets, including one shocking photo that shows how Hillary cheated.

“I am the eldest. I am the head of the family. I refuse to be humilated anymore by my brother Barack Obama. VOTE FOR MR.TRUMP.” tweeted Malik.

“You must deport the bad people. This is obvious. Every country does it. Why argue?” he later tweeted.

Then finally. “SPEECH Ok WAS HILLARY CHEATING AGAIN???? You [email protected] @Cernovich @WayneDupreeShow @seanhannity @ASavageNation @limbaugh” He posted the following picture.

There is something disturbing here. Clearly she got better mic and better stage that looked more presidential, and maybe Trump mic was malfunctioning again.

People think that this was made so that Trump voice is higher so that people think he is angry and dangerous but some time his voice was too loo so nobody can hear him well.

Trump is going to win, beside all these nonsense and Hillary’s tricks!

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