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Flashback: Democrats Are Doing Everything To Delete This Video, But We Are Not Going To Allow It!


This is the video that democrats are hoping will dissappier and nobody will see it, but we are not going to allow that!

Look how they are doing exactly what they are not allowing Trump to do it and are freaking out when Trump suggested he will not concede elections results if the elections are rigged!

According to Grabien:

Al Gore, speaking from the White House the week after having lost the general election, explains why he refused to concede the race:

“The effort that I have underway is simply to make sure that all of the votes are counted, and when the issues that are now being considered in the Florida Supreme Court are decided, that will be an important point. But I don’t want to speculate what the court will do.”

Even after facing a number of lower court losses, Gore said he remained optimistic.

“I don’t really feel” the odds are stacked against me, he said, despite admitting feeling like an “underdog.”

Gore said that his voters were not given sufficient access to voting sites. Speaking of black voters specifically, Gore said he was in regular contact with Jessie Jackson and Julian Bond to discuss voter suppression.

“I am very troubled by a lot of the stories that have been reported,” about blacks being discouraged from voting, Gore said. “Whenever you have allegations of those kind, that is a matter the entire country ought to take seriously.”

Yes, Trump is not going to allow Hillary to rig the elections! America will elect Trump for president!

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