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Wow! Incredible New Video Will Cost Hillary The Women’s Vote – See It Before She Deletes It From Internet


This video is going to cost Hillary this elections.

She is going to lose the women vote completely!

Nothing is going to be the same after this for her!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

Hillary is the champion of women… at least that is the story she is trying to sell to people.

However, the video you are about to see tells a completely different story, one where she knowingly promotes and approves of violence against women…

The first image of the woman against the doors being pelted by eggs is still disturbing to me.

Not only was I pissed it was happening to her, I was ashamed on behalf the men that held the doors closes and allowed it to continue under their watch while they stood back under the protection of a closed door.

It would have taken but a minute for a man to shield her and bring her inside, yet they stood by and watched her and did nothing.

The other violent images in the video were also the doings of the liberals. Hunting down, stalking innocents and those unable to protect themselves, and Hillary continues to ask who does things like this.

I will answer that for you Hillary… You do! And it comes right from the mouth of one of your henchman.

When Bob Creamer was asked if Hillary knew about this, he stated, “The campaign is full in…Well, I mean Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on.”

Pretty damning testimony given through undercover video. I am not sure if it is more stupid to do these things or to openly tell someone about it that is obviously new to the campaign.

Black Lives Matter advocates have been at virtually every Trump rally held during this campaign. Sometimes they “only” do things like macing people, and other times they burn down cities. And they are often backed with Soros money to do so.

This video says everything you need to know about Hillary and her band of thugs. She is for violence, regardless if it is against innocents, the timid, or women. As long as it keeps Trump out of the White House, she is happy to have it happen.

She is an evil monster.

She do not care for anybody except for her and her family!

Not women, nor blacks, nor minorities, nobody!

She is an evil greedy cruel witch!

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