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A Woman Walking Through Target Noticed Something Unusual Happening. So She Took a Picture.


by Smith Callen | Top Right News

Audrey Mark was shopping at a Target store in North Carolina on Wednesday, when she saw something unusual taking place in the back of the store.

She she took a picture and posted it on Facebook.


A kid came in looking for a clip-on tie for a job interview this afternoon, Mark wrote in a post that was later shared on Targets Facebook page. The store only had regular ties, so this awesome Target team member took the time to help the nervous teen put on his new tie, tuck in his shirt and then showed him how to give a proper handshake and tackle a few tough interview questions!

As the kid exited the store, a bunch of supportive Target team members cheered him on! THIS is true customer service Right on the mark, Target! she added.

Target employee Cathy Scott told local affiliate WTVD-TV that the day started like any other.

I asked him if he needed help and he told me he needed clip on ties, she said. We didnt have any. Scott asked another employee, Dennis Roberts, if he knew how to tie standard tie. Being over 50, he most certainly did, and joined the effort to help the young man.

We took the wrapping off it, and I tied it on my neck, and fit it over head adjusted it and tightened it…fixed all his collar buttons and he was set to go.


Above: Target employees Dennis Roberts and Cathy Scott. (WTVD-TV)

Roberts and Scott saw how nervous the young man was. So they started helping him prepare for his job interview, giving useful tips most dont learn in school.

We said, Make sure you look him in the eye. Im saying make sure you give him a firm handshake, and she showed him… he tucked his shirt in, Roberts said.

He was saying, Yes, mam and he was just soaking it all in, added Scott.

Mark was touched by what she saw and wanted to share it on Facebook, where it has now been seen by tens of thousands.

It was a very quiet simple moment, but it was very profound honestly kindness … from strangers … in a Super Target, she told WTVD. He leaves and all these Target employees are screaming Bye! Good luck! Tell us how it went.

I got so emotional, she added. I got teary.

Dennis Roberts brushed off the praise saying he was just doing his job, We were just here to help a young man get a job and forward his future.

Turns out the young man was interviewing at the local Chick-fil-A.

We wish him luck.

As one commenter on The Blaze said: That kid learned more useful information in 12 minutes at Target than 12 years of public education.

[h/t Oliver Darcy]