Home News BREAKING: The Truth Behind Woman Accusing Trump Exposed! See Hillary’s Crooked Plan!

BREAKING: The Truth Behind Woman Accusing Trump Exposed! See Hillary’s Crooked Plan!


Gloria Allred is the attorney representing Jessica Drake, an adult film actress, suing Donald Trump for hitting on her.

On Saturday Gloria Allred dragged out a former porn star who accused Donald Trump of hitting on her.

Jessica Drake, who had sex with strangers for years on camera, told reporters today she was upset with Trump’s words.

But how did Allred discover Drake out of seemingly thin air?

Allred was a Hillary Clinton delegate at the DNC convention this year.

But wait, it gets better.

She also has advised on propaganda for Hillary’s campaign.

This woman is a Hillary plant and is working on her behalf to try and besmirch Trump’s name.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know that not only was Allred a Hillary delegate, but was helping write propaganda for the Hillary Campaign.

Hillary will stop at nothing to try and bring down Donald Trump. This is just one example of the tons of shady and terrible things she is doing in the shadows to try and discredit Trump. This is the wife of a serial rapist that she has defended time and time again.

Who is she to have any authority on someone actually getting sexually assaulted or raped?

Hillary Clinton is just as bad as her horrible husband and can’t be trusted. She is trying to pin false claims on Donald Trump to win the election.

Donald Trump is fighting a fair campaign and winning while Hillary is running a shadow race that is corrupt and scandalous to say the least.

This is exactly why we need Donald Trump in office and not Hillary. She will start a nuclear war and bring our country down in flames to try and satisfy her evil political agenda.

Please share this everywhere so that we can stop Hillary from getting anywhere near the White House.