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Missouri Kids Claim That He Couldnt Read His Bible At School Falls Apart Under Scrutiny (VIDEO)


Fresh on the heels of the annual Fox News War On Christmas, came the following story out of Missouri.

Parents say teacher violated sons rights by not allowing him to read Bible in class, shouts the headline on the website of Fox affiliate WDAF, from Kansas City, Missouri. The website shows that the report has been shared on Facebook over 10,000 times.

The story, by reporter Monica Evans, was picked up by a variety of media outlets, including the usual suspects, such as Fox News Insider, as well as some mainstream outlets, like The Inquisitr. Now the principal of the boys middle school has investigated, and he says there is no evidence that the story is even true.

Twelve year old Loyal Grandstaff told WDAF that he took his Bible to school before Christmas break, so he could read it during free reading time. Grandstaff said that he wasnt sharing the Bible with other students, and he wasnt reading it aloud, but that his teacher told him that the Bible wasnt allowed in school.

He doesnt want me reading it in his class because he dont believe it, because he feels like hes shutdown, Loyal said.

The schools principal investigates, and finds the story questionable.

Lance Tobin, the principal of Bueker Middle School, in Marshall, Missouri, says he investigated the alleged incident, and found no evidence that the story is true. According to the The Blaze, Tobin said, The incident was never validated. Fox 4 News ran the report before we had the chance to look into the incident ourselves. There is no teacher involved whatsoever.

Tobin would not speculate on potential motives for Loyal Grandstaff and his family to make such a claim. He says that the incident has now been concluded, after meeting with Loyal and his parents.

We just all agreed and we talked about school and religion. And I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable understanding that their child could have the Bible at school and could read the Bible at school.

The most shameful part of this entire story is that, as of this writing, the original story remains on the WDAF website, as well as on Fox News Insider. There are no updates or corrections to either report.

Here is the original, discredited story, from WDAF:

Image via screen shot

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  • danielistical
    He could not bring in playboy or any other BANNED book,either wheather he was sharing it with someone or not,,,

    if you are a SATANIST

    if you are a CHRISTIAN

    if you are a MUSSLIM

    keep your phony baloney religious superstition OUT OF MY CHILDS

    SCHOOL,,,,,reason why conditioning minor children into and

    superstitious/religious belief should be a felony. It is child abuse and

    destroys ability to think critically for life.

    Religion is the biggest mental illness that is left untreated in human


    • liberaland
      They are not teaching it … the parents beliefs are that he should be able to read it. I am opposed that our schools have banned books not just the bible from our school shelves. Our children should have a well rounded education. Danielistical, do you have children? Do they watch cartoons, they are the worst In my opinion (some of them… )

      • danielistical
        Cartoons are FAKE and there is no disagreement on that,,,,all the different bibles are FAKE ,,and there is some disagreement on that,,depending on who you talk too,,,,,,,

        Children exposed to religion have difficulty

        distinguishing fact from fiction: researchers

        By Scott Kaufman Friday, July 18, 2014

        A study published in the July issue of Cognitive Science determined

        that children who are not exposed to religious stories are better able to tell

        that characters in fantastical stories are fictional whereas children

        raised in a religious environment even approach unfamiliar, fantastical

        stories flexibly.


        Judgments About Fact and Fiction by Children From Religious and Nonreligious

        Backgrounds, Kathleen Corriveau, Eva Chen, and Paul Harris demonstrate that

        children typically have a sensitivity to the implausible or magical elements

        in a narrative, and can determine whether the characters in the narrative are

        real or fictional by references to fantastical elements within the narrative,

        such as invisible sails or a sword that protects you from danger every



        children raised in households in which religious narratives are frequently

        encountered do not treat those narratives with the same skepticism. The authors

        believed that these children would think of them as akin to fairy tales,

        judging the events described in them as implausible or magical and conclude

        that the protagonists in such narratives are only pretend.

        Religion is the biggest mental

        illness that is left untreated in human existence.

        reason why conditioning minor

        children into and superstitious/religious belief should be a felony. It is

        child abuse and destroys ability to think critically for life.

        • Nobody important
          Yes because non religious people have all the answers and know it all. You are so full of shit. You really dont need to be insulting about it. I have not abused my children at all and how dare you accuse those of faith of hurting their children. You are really going to far with that. Many kids go on to college and do have the ability to think critically even if they have faith. Narrow minded people who judge others and condemn them are also lacking in my opinion. And yes I know I am doing that to you but you opened up this can of worms.

          • danielistical

            Nothing has caused more bloodshed on earth than

            religion,, My god said you deserve to die because of your God,, From the

            Crusades, to the jihad, Most religions are dipped in BLOOD,,,,,,,,Michell Bachman… Rick Perry,,and Herman Cain all three claim,, that God told them to become president,,,,,IF HE DID,, does that mean he was just messin with two of them,,,???, What if God told one of these guys he should shoot a missile at someone? You know how worked up God gets! That guys capable of anything/. Not to mention hes always so short of cash, I dont know why so many people put their faith in someone whos so bad with money!

          • acer5200
            People like you are the reason nobody likes Atheists.

            Also, mashing George Carlin bits with other nonsense isnt that funny. Nice try though.

          • danielistical
            NEWSFLASH BRAINBOY,,,George Carlin is DEAD,and he is not in the post either,,,,,TURN OFF FIX NEWS and grow a brain

          • acer5200
            Did you mean Faux News?

            And that entire rant I just replied to was a Carlin bit, minus the small dig at Bachmann and her ilk. Again, nice try dingus.

          • Cat L
            Please dont lump all atheists together. If youre saying you dislike all atheists because of his behavior, then you are no better.

          • acer5200
            Im an Atheist myself, but people like him give Atheists a bad rep.

          • Cat L
            He is obviously a very angry atheist. Its understandable since religion causes so much grief, but also a shame. We can get a lot more done without all that anger.

          • 9beentheredonethat9
            Who says nobody likes atheists? Rush Limbaugh? Id say nobody likes dramatic overstaters,

          • ikeamonkey89
            Im an atheist, and people love me

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1017406278 NoNoBadKitty
            Dont confuse Athiests with Anti-theists. Athiests choose a path and follow it, like Christians and Jews and Hindus and Wiccans and etcetera. Anti-theists are loudly and obnoxiously against the idea of a deity for anyone. People dont dislike Athiests, they dislike arrogant big mouthed bullies who cant mind their own business.

          • Ivan DeGrimm
            You are the reason christianity is dying and atheism is exploding.

          • acer5200
            Is it safe to assume you didnt read the rest of the comment thread?

          • Gary Scheuer

            As I stated in a previous comment, the problem is not religion, its ideology. Theyre not always the same thing. The communist takeover in China is a good example of secular ideology for lack of a better term.

            The more stupid Liberal/Conservative extremists are a milder (for the most part) example also.

            Any philosophical, religious or political affiliation that tells you what to think is a bad thing.

          • Diz
            No, non-religious people dont claim to have all the answers. Its the religious people that do that.

          • JamieHaman
            Did you even look at the study he posted? No?? Why am I not surprized.

        • superbatflashlantern
          Dude… for reals? You know what I think is the biggest untreated disease amongst humans? The inability to quit being giant dicks to each other and everything else.

          • danielistical


            childs mother urged him to ask Perry about evolution. I hear your mom

            was asking about evolution and, you know, its a theory thats out there,

            Perry told the boy. Its got some gaps in it, but in Texas we teach both

            creationism and evolution in our public schools, because I figure youre smart

            enough to figure out which one is right. If Perry is correct about Texas

            schools teaching creationism and evolution side-by-side, however, the public

            schools in his states would be violating federal law.

            The Supreme Court in 1987 ruled in Edwards v. Aguillard that teaching

            creationism in public schools violates the Constitutions Establishment Clause

            and by moving public school funds over to religious schools. Teach the

            children how the loch ness monster was saved by Noahs Ark and Earth was made

            in 7 days (including rest). Our students will be laughed at throughout the

            world. Just look at the lack of empathy, compassion for children, disabled, and

            for those without insurance. Too bad we cant legislate morality. At a time

            when American students science and math tests scores rank near the bottom of

            industrialized countries, the last thing we need is another roadblock to

            preparing our children for success.

            reason why conditioning minor children into

            and superstitious/religious belief should be a felony. It is child abuse and

            destroys ability to think critically for life.

          • superbatflashlantern

            No, it sure as hell does not. I was raised LDS and Im probably one of the most efficiency and logic oriented people in my circle of friends (who, by the way are all incredibly non-religious). What destroys critical thinking is not allowing the exercise thereof everyone I know encourages their kids to ask those questions and look for answers themselves. What destroys critical thinking is shoving everyone into a single box.

            I think creationism is stupid, oh well, as long as its out of the freaking science classes then it doesnt really matter, its not hurting you any if some one believes in fairies, ghosts or angels as long as they arent stabbing you for it. So just chill man, I mean, conditioning minors into anything could be considered child abuse but thats exactly what public school has always done were all conditioned to be wage-slaves from the minute we enter school, deal with it.

            In conclusion; zealots are always wrong. The end.

          • Gary Scheuer
            Its not religion, its ideology that ruins minds. Theyre not always the same.

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