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Boom – Slimy Bill Is Humiliated: Ben Carson Just Shut Him Down With Epic Return For Calling Him A Redneck!


Dr. Ber Carson did it again! He is killing crazy libs as mad!

Look what he did to a slimy Bill Clinton, he brutally broke him to pieces with his well known Dr. Carson elegance.

We love him for that!

According to Conservative 101:

The prospect of utter sleaze Bill Clinton returning to the White House is utterly horrifying. The fact that Hillary Clinton, of all people, might serve as our President (!) is like a true doomsday scenario.

What isn’t helping matters is the fact that Bill, who is well on his way to full senile state, keeps trying to insult regular Americans. He should know better.

Clinton recently said that Trump’s supporters are “rednecks,” and tried to cover for that disgusting slur by saying, “You know, I’m basically your standard redneck. I was the first person who ever went to college in my family.”

Inner city Detroit product Ben Carson slammed Clinton for his ignorant blanket statement of Trump’s very diverse group of supporters, saying, “I know a lot of people who are not rednecks who are ardent Trump supporters, including yours truly. I don’t think I’m a redneck.”

Added Ben, “The political establishment consists of Democrats and Republicans. And they identify with each other more so than they do with the people. I think a lot of people recognize that. That’s why two out of three Americans feel we are on the wrong track and need to change directions.” do you agree?

He is so right!

America is for Trump, and there are very different kind of people, calling them names Is only inspiring them to go more to vote for Trump!

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