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BREAKING: John Podesta Just Stabbed Hillary In The Back! See Hillary’s Ultimate Betrayal!


Hillary Clinton has been under a lot of fire from WikiLeaks and the James O’Keefe Project Veritas Action videos over the last month and now a new email from her campaign manager has just leaked.


John Podesta’s email was hacked and these emails have been released by WikiLeaks over the last month.

They have shown the world what a horrible person Hillary Clinton truly is and all of the illegal things she has done.

Now there is a new email from Podesta insulting Hillary Clinton.


Podesta calls Hillary Clinton’s laugh “authentic weirdness.” He goes on to say that she is coached on when to smile.

This woman is a robot. A America killing robot that smiles on command. Nothing from this woman is authentic and it can’t be trusted.

Hillary Clinton is the robot that will end this country and we can’t allow that to happen.

Salon reported:

A new hacked email released by WikiLeaks shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff describing her over-laughter as “authentic weirdness.”

According to the email stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s gmail account (), strategist Luke Albee commented during Clinton’s testimony in the House Benghazi hearing that, “She sometimes laughs a little too hard at jokes that aren’t that funny. Other than that…A.”

Podesta replied, “Laughing too hard is her authentic weirdness.”

Here’s a video of the laugh that Podesta is referring to.

And if that isn’t enough you can read the full email below.

If Hillary’s own supporters and campaign members think she is a freak than why doesn’t everyone?

This woman is an absolute robot that only cares about herself and she can’t be trusted. Nothing she says or does is genuine and simply self-serving.

She doesn’t want you to read this nor know how scripted everything she does is!

Please share this everywhere to show people how messed up Hillary really is!