Home News Breaking: Nobody Expected This – Obama Goes Down, Wikileaks Just Nailed Him!

Breaking: Nobody Expected This – Obama Goes Down, Wikileaks Just Nailed Him!


So nobody expected that together with Hillary, Obama will go down too!

But she is such a tragedy that she ruined not just her carrier, but also she screwed Obama too!

And we are so happy about this!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

WikiLeaks may have just landed the blow that not only re-opens the Hillary investigation, but also lands her buddy Obama in a lot of hot water as well!

Julian Assange’s organization just uncovered an email with Hillary staffers admitting Obama had emails from Hillary from her private server.

This flat out proves Obama knew about the bogus server and lied to everyone about when he was made aware of the situation.

From the moment this scandal went public, Obama insisted he was completely unaware of what was going on.

But, as this email clearly states, he had numerous emails from her without the state.gov email address, which all came from her private server account.

We are once again put into a situation where the President of the United States, the man who says he wanted to have the most transparent administration, is caught hiding crimes for his staff members.

More importantly, this also shows intent, something Comey said was not present in these emails.

This email is far more damaging than most people realize. This one simple item proves corruption not only in the White House and in Hillary’s camp, but also the FBI! Comey was also clearly covering up for Hillary by not indicting her because this flat out proves there was a conspiracy to keep her out of jail!

If there is any integrity left in any branch of our government, we need to see the investigation reopened and this time, we want to see an indictment handed down… and it has to happen immediately.

We are exactly two weeks away from election day and we have a criminal mastermind on the ballot… and that must be remedied immediately!

Trump will change whole American politic from inside if he win, and he will win!

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