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BREAKING! Trump’s Vice-Chair Of Diversity Just Ended Obama In EPIC Rant! Watch Her Go Off On Live TV!


Brunell Donald-Kyei is the Vice-Chair Of Diversity Outreach for the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump.

She is also an attorney and was a former Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor of Illinois.

On Monday, Brunell went on Fox Business Network and went off on both Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s failed plans and schemes!

The president has been in office for eight years. What did you do about the systematic racism you’re talking about? Hillary Clinton has been there with him. What did she do?… You’ve got bad apples in every single profession. I don’t care what work you do.

Look at these 65 journalists NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN who have been schmoozing and having dinner with Hillary Clinton and then getting on television and bashing Donald Trump. Plotting against the American people. But I’m not going to say that all journalists are bad…

What I am saying is look – you have had your time. You’ve failed the American people. You failed the inner cities. You failed the poor. You failed the middle class. And we don’t want any more Emmy-winning performances about what you’re going to do. We want Donald Trump in office, a doer, a builder, a person who is not a part of the corruption. He’s not a part of the notice.

Hillary Clinton will be another four years of Obama and we all see how 8 years of Obama has left this country in ruins.

Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted and we must do everything in our power to get out and vote to keep her away from the White House.

She will ruin this country even further.

Burnell is exactly right. Obama has done nothing since going into office other than bankrupt this country.

Please share this everywhere so that we can help stop Hillary and Obama for good.