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Every American Should Know This And Start The Fight: Donald Trump Explains How The System Is Rigged!


Trump explained to the American people how the system is totally rigged!

Evey American should see and hear this and then act on it, we all have to fight this sick plan from Clinton mafia machine!

According to Hannity:

Over the last few days, Trump has hammered the message that Hillary Clinton and the media have “rigged” the election system.

With the discovery that news organizations like NBC, ABC, CNN, and the New York Times have all been—As Hannity put it— “in the pocket of Hillary Clinton,” Trump said: “It’s totally brutal…It’s the single greatest pile on, they say.”

He also brought up the fact that Hillary’s campaign has been indirectly paying folks to go into rallies and stir up trouble, which we saw in videos where Democratic operatives brag about fomenting violence. Trump told Hannity: “Our rally in Chicago… nobody could figure out what was going on,” referring to the violent showdown at a Trump event for which many in the media blamed Trump supporters.

“They’re real thugs,” Trump said matter-of-factly. “Real thugs. And they injured policemen….and they should be put in jail. I mean, these are bad people. And again, it’s a rigged system, and who got blamed for it? Our rally people. Us. Me. Everybody. It had nothing to do with us.”

According to Trump, voter fraud is also adding fuel to the fire of corruption from the Democrats. “You have 1.8m people who are dead who are registered to vote, and some of them absolutely vote,” Trump told Hannity. “Now… tell me how they do that?” he asked rhetorically.

“You have 2.5 million people or so that are registered in two states. That means they’re voting twice.”

Trump claims that despite a rigged system, he’s doing great. “You just saw the crowd we just had,” he said, mentioning a Pennsylvania rally of several thousands. He also noted that he’s not doing as poorly in the polls as people think, pointing to three national polls (Investors Business Daily/TIPP, Rasmussen Poll, and Los Angeles Times/USC), which all have him ahead.

“This is a very serious problem,” Trump said about the rigged election system. “And I think come November… we’re going to win, and maybe we’re going to win bigger than people ever even dreamed.

We totally agree! It is very very possible that Trump is going to have huge victory!

But let’s fight with all our strength for that to be the final result!

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