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Hallelujah! Every Christian Needs To Know What This Black Pastor Said About Hillary!


Oh man this man is great!

America is full with people like this, but they are not stars because they do not do crazy things!

But look at the wisdom of this great man!

He should be the star in the black community!

According to The Truth Division:

An African-American minister who ran for lieutenant governor in Virginia in 2013 released a video over the weekend denouncing blacks and Christians who would vote for a Democrat on Nov. 8.

Bishop E.W. Jackson said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her party intend to lock up Americans who disagree with their progressive agenda.

“Devout Christians — Catholic, Protestant, black, white, Latino and others — will be persecuted under a Clinton presidency.

She believes that our First Amendment claims are a cover for homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, hatred and bigotry. Donald Trump has promised to defend our religious liberty,” Jackson, the founder and president of Staying True to America’s National Destiny, said in the four-minute video.

“If you are a Bible-believing Christian, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party don’t agree with you, like you or respect you,” Jackson added. “They don’t agree with or respect God. Why would they feel differently about those who are devoted to God … Why then do you choose loyalty to them over loyalty to God?”

He stated that Democrats may have been able to make a case for themselves if history were on their side, but he pointed out how the party has not earned Christians’ or African-Americans’ support.

“Historically, it was Republicans who fought for civil rights and the Democrats who opposed them using the Ku Klux Klan as the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party,” Jackson said. “I know it’s a different Democratic Party today, but they’ve done nothing about black poverty, black unemployment, gangs, crime and violence in the black community.”

“Trump has his problems, but he’s surrounded by Christians who are speaking into his life. Maybe God will use him in ways we don’t expect because he’s submitting to godly counsel,” Jackson finished.

AMEN! We have nothing to add to this great great speech!


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