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Judge Napolitano Went Nuts With Epic Rant On Live TV About New Hillary – FBI Scandal!


Judge Napolitano is a very dangerous to crazy libs, he is brutal to them!

Look what he did to Hillary today, after her newest corruption scandal exploded in her face!

He buried her, and we love him for that!

According to American Lookout:

There’s a new Hillary-FBI scandal. Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks it looks like corruption.
As we reported earlier:

“A political group which supports Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Hillary ally and supporter, gave aid to the campaign of the wife of the FBI official who oversaw Hillary’s investigation. They’re all in this together and they’re all scratching each other’s backs.”

Today on Varney & Co., Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in. He said, “It certainly appears to be corruption . . . We really have what lawyers call . . . the profound appear of impropriety.”


Clinton ally @TerryMcAuliffe reportedly helped fund the campaign of a key FBI official’s wife. #emailscandal #Election2016 pic.twitter.com/IoXYvrdG5i

— Varney & Co. (@Varneyco) October 24, 2016

Judge Napolitano: “It certainly appears to be corruption. If you ask me if a Federal statute was violated, I can’t think of a Federal statute that was violated. But does it appear fair that the person actually supervising the day-to-day investigation of Ms. Clinton is the spouse of a person who has received a half million dollars from Hillary and Bill’s closest friend [Terry McAuliffe]?”

Judge Napolitano goes on to describe how close Terry McAuliffe is to the Clintons. And how key Andrew McCabe was to the FBI investigation.

Then he ends with this:

“We really have what lawyers call . . . the profound appear of impropriety. He [Andrew McCabe] should have taken himself off the case. Director Comey should have taken him off the case. His wife – God bless her – she can run for any office she wants. She can raise all the money legally that she wants to raise. But they can’t do it in such a way that compromises the rule of law!“

If Hillary wins, Judge Napolitano says, “These scandals will follow her into the Whitehouse as Watergate followed Richard Nixon.“

Are we in for four more years of scandal!

America could not survive that hell! We have to save this glorious country from this sick political mafia!

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