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BREAKING: Donald Trump And Rush Limbaugh Just PROVED Trump Will Win In A Landslide!


Donald Trump went on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show earlier today and explained that there is really no chance for Hillary Clinton in this election. She doesn’t stand a chance against him after what the early polls showed.

Donald Trump documented how he saw all of the red hats saying Trump wrapped around the block to vote for him already.

This is about to be a landslide folks.

And not the one that Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media are touting.

Donald Trump is going to upset Hillary Clinton with epic proportions.

This is going to be great!

Limbaugh went on to ask Donald Trump how he will deal with the people that are behind the health care premiums going up and border issues and that Donald Trump doesn’t have any fingerprints on these horrific problems in our country. Limbaugh asked him as well to describe how he is going to fight back against all of the horrible things Hillary and the Democrats are throwing at him.

Donald Trump: “It’s just that.¬†Obamacare, jobs, jobs are being taken away from us Rush. Companies as we speak are signing documents with Mexico and other places to move. Look at Ford, two weeks ago, Ford Motors said that they are going to move their smaller cars to Mexico. They’re going to move everything out of here …

I talk about his all the time. There are hundreds of companies. Obamacare is a disaster and you know I called that before it was approved … because the plan is no good.”