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Breaking: Roseanne Discovers Insane Obama Plot Against Christians, America Is Angry And Mad, Obama Is In Panic!


Look what Obama did against Christians in America.

All American people are mad and angry because of this, White House is in panic mode, so they are trying to deny all of this as accident!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

Anyone who has lived under the Obama administration knows the president claims he is a Christian, but judging from his behavior, he is anything but. Even Roseanne Barr is realizing just how subtle this man is when it comes to eroding religious liberty.

Roseanne blasted a tweet about the new dollar coin and how “In God We Trust” is nowhere to be found on the newest date. Naturally, Obama is claiming it was an “accident.”

do not accept new dollars coins -they have taken 'in GOD we trust' off of them 4 a reason. #MKULTRAmindcontrol pic.twitter.com/hXJAp3kbf1

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) October 20, 2016

On the other hand, some are saying this is a subtle plot to change the direction of this country. Either way, Roseanne is not having it. She is calling on everyone not to accept these coins that lack this ever-important motto.

Democrats have become so incredibly liberal. This is not JFK’s Democrat party. This new brand wants you to only trust the government and not God, and Hillary Clinton will just continue Barack Obama’s insane policies.

Clinton will, first of all, start with the money in her quest to continue Obama’s policies, but she won’t stop there. Clinton will also rewrite history in order to suit her own purposes. Anyone who dares question this woman will be deemed ignorant, misogynist, or un-American. I myself was even deemed this way by a brainwashed follower, who just as much indicated that since I’ve never had a security clearance, I had no right to question her.

If Clinton’s history is any indication, she will spend millions to “study” religion just like she did with healthcare under her husband’s presidency. She will not come to any conclusion—she will just again line the pockets of her rich friends.

While Clinton may have been raised Methodist, don’t let that fool you. Her far-left liberalism is the type that will stop at nothing in order to undermine the faith this country was founded on.
America is truly at a crossroads, and our country will go the way of Ancient Rome. The “Pax Romana” of our day will be replaced with liberalism that undermines our reliance on a higher power and carries the expectation that it is government we rely on and not almighty God.

Think we are getting taxed to death now? Just wait until Clinton takes over. Although she would never admit it, she is every bit as socialist as her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, is. Hillary’s election will drive the final nail in the coffin for our country.

We will be ruled by a government that is a permanent welfare state. God will become a mere footnote in history, and the Bible will quickly become an archaic book. The government will tell us what to think, and it will continue to have the press in its back pocket.

Keeping all of this in mind, perhaps it is no wonder why Roseanne Barr is so incredibly upset. We are watching this country eroding right before our very eyes, and the only man standing in the way of that is Donald Trump. See why he is being demonized so badly?
We had better follow the cue of Roseanne and think long and hard about the direction this country is headed.

Trump is going to return the Christianity as major religion in US!

Atheism will be erased, Islam will be tolerated, but not in the extreme harsh way as now in some parts in America!

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