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Mass Media Stubs Hillary In Her Back – CNN Host Stuns America, Says Clinton’s Team Thinks “She’s Nuts!”


CNN finally decided to be media outlet!

Maybe the fact that Trump decided to start his own TV, maybe they are aware that are losing public respect after all they did for Hillary!

Anyhow this is great new, you have to see this video!

According to Conservative Tribune:

Even CNN has some major concerns about Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton News Network national chief correspondent John King pointed out that even those who “love and support” Hillary Clinton think she’s nuts, according to Wikileaks’ hacking of John Podesta’s email account.

“We know about this because of WikiLeaks. At issue, that moment when those outside of Clinton’s inner circle found out about her private email server at home,” said King.

“This shows you that the angst even her campaign chairman wasn’t told until very late that she had a private email server in her Chappaqua, New York, home when she was secretary of state. It shows you the secrecy — some would say paranoia — of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle,” he continued.

“If we can keep this from people until the last possible second and only release if we’re forced to release it. What does that tell us about a Clinton presidency?” he asked.

King even asking that question is a massive leap forward for the network. Despite King’s statements, CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson didn’t think it will have any impact.

“I mean, that’s the big issue should she get elected to the Oval Office,” she said. “It’s terrible that her inner circle was talking about this in this way. More terrible I think if it had come earlier.”

“One of the things we saw in that 2008 campaign was different circles of power. It’s certainly new information about an old problem, an old issue that probably for most voters is baked into the cake,” she continued.

King didn’t buy it, arguing that people like former Secret Service member Gary Byrne have been saying Hillary Clinton was awful for some time, but these are her people — her A-team.

“These are people who love her,” he said. “These are people who love her and support her saying she’s nuts and she’s secretive.” That may be because she’s nuts and secretive, John.

H/T The Daily Caller

So we know that her aides think as us – she is nuts, evil bitch!

Great, now we all are on the same page, and let’s now elect Trump for president!

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