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Tim Kaine Just Ruined Hillary’s Campaign! This Is The Most Embarrassing Moment From Her Campaign!


Donald Trump is holding some of the largest rallies in modern politics while Hillary Clinton is well … holding rallies I guess is what you call it.

If you thought Hillary Clinton’s rallies were small than you will be even more shocked at the size of the one that Tim Kaine just held.

This is how much the American public supports Hillary and Tim Kaine. They have around 30-50 people at a rally being generous, especially when you subtract the media and and her campaign workers that were there.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

How is this person even running for president when they can’t even get more than 50 people to show up to rally?

This is a perfect example of how the mainstream media is lying with their poll numbers and not showing the real numbers.

How can they say Hillary Clinton has a significant lead when neither her nor her running mate can pull more than an elementary class sized crowd to a rally?

Donald Trump had a 20,000 person rally during the same week. Who represents the people?

Is that even a question at this point?

Hillary Clinton has the media paid off to lie for her so that people won’t be discouraged to not vote when they see how lost of a cause it is to vote for her.

If Hillary Clinton is willing to pay off the media now, then just imagine the lies she will spin if she were to get elected.

We have to help Donald Trump to stop this now and today.