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Breaking: Wikileaks Reveals The Real Reason Why Paul Ryan Stubbed Trump In The Back! It’s Nasty!


Oh boy, oh boy!

So Paul Rayan stubbed Trump in the back because he wants his close relative to become supreme court member?!

Oh god, this Is nasty!

According to America Freedom Fighters:

It’s another day and there’s a fresh batch of emails from Wikileaks, and this time around we found a connection to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Throughout the election, Ryan has been notably against Donald Trump, and recently he declared he would no longer be campaigning with or defending the Republican nominee.

Ryan claims the reason is that Trump is so outrageous he can’t in good conscious support the billionaire, but a new email from Wikileaks may lend some insight into Ryan’s true reason for being against the people’s candidate – he’s an establishment hack in bed with Washington elites.

In fact, his brother-in-law’s wife is a district court judge that Hillary Clinton is floating as a possible Supreme Court nomination, should she be elected in November.

Check it out:

So is this why Paul Ryan seems to be more Hillary than Trump?#PodestaEmails19https://t.co/v8f2OjmICs pic.twitter.com/ef55WC3ein

— Sean (@Patriot_Beaver) October 26, 2016

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. She was confirmed by without any Republican opposition in the Senate not once, but *twice*. She was confirmed to her current position in 2013 by unanimous consent – that is, without any stated opposition.

She was also previously confirmed unanimously to a seat on the U.S. Sentencing Commission (where she became vice chair).
Her family is impressive. She is married to a surgeon and has two young daughters. Her father is a retired lawyer and her mother a retired school principal.

Her brother was a police officer (in the unit that was the basis for the television show *The Wire*) and is now a law student, and she is related by marriage to Congressman (and Speaker of the House) Paul Ryan.”

Lovely, isn’t it? While we can’t know for certain if this is a motivating factor in Ryan being so against Trump, the “appearance of impropriety” is undoubtedly there, and as we all know, appearances are quite important.

Pol Rayan’s career is over!

Even before this scandal, and with this is even ugliest for him, he will be politically dead very soon!

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