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Now We Know, It’s Official – Hillary Really Hates Trey Gowdy!


Hahaha, this is a huuge present for Trey Gowdy – Hillary really hates him!

And we are not surprised at all!

He was brutal with her all the time, and she do not like that.

She prefers people with no shame and no decency and no balls!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

There’s no doubt the information coming out of the WikiLeaks email dumps are damaging Hillary Clinton’s reputation and campaign. If the mainstream media would just report some of these emails, Clinton would have to drop out of the race for president. This most recent find would probably lose her the election all on its own.

It appears from reading the leaked emails the Clinton team was scrambling to come up with a lie believable enough to evade questions by Benghazi House Selection Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy about a huge gap in emails from a trip Clinton took to Libya in October 2011. It appears these emails have been illegally kept from Gowdy’s committee.

This is just another chapter in the never-ending story of corruption from the Clinton team. File this one with the other attempts to keep the truth about what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya from the American people. It is, in light of the congressional subpoenas for those emails, criminal.

In the emails, Mandy Grunwald, a public relations/pollster working for the Clinton team, asked point blank whether or not Clinton’s handlers had concocted an answer for a damning question from Congressman Gowdy, which they knew was sure to come.

“Do we have an answer for why there are no emails from the Oct. 8 trip to Libya?” Grunwald asked in an email addressed to, among other people, Philippe Reines, Cheryl Mills, Robby Mook, Jenifer Palmieri, Nick Merrill, and John Podesta.

Interestingly, it was during this trip that the iconic picture of Hillary Clinton using her Blackberry while wearing dark sunglasses and while on her State Department aircraft was taken.

It is obvious to even the most naive liberal eye that because Hillary is pictured going through emails on her Blackberry, she must have produced emails on the trip. There’s no way a sharp person like Gowdy would miss this detail, and the Clintonites knew he wouldn’t believe any old lie.

Reines is quoted as writing, “I can’t address the larger question of why the department didn’t [hand over this email]. I believe the answer is that Oct 2011 was well outside the scope of what State was asked for until November 2014.”

Evidently, we are supposed to overlook the fact that Gowdy’s committee asked for all emails and correspondence regarding Clinton and the State Department’s engagement with Libya. In that regard—and to borrow a phrase from Hillary’s philandering husband—“I suppose that all depends on what the definition of ‘all’ is.”

If the mainstream media were actually doing their job—investigating government rather than covering for preferred government officials—this story would be known to every American. However, the mainstream media have such support for or maybe even fear of Clinton that they don’t consider this crime against the American people and the deaths of four American heroes to be a “story.”

Hillary Clinton is literally allowed to get away with murder.

New time is coming, America will be country with law and order.

Trump is going to save America! We have to help him in that mission!

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