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This Time He Got Her, She Will Not Escape This: Trey Gowdy Has New Legal Breakthrough Against Crooked Hillary!


Trey Gowdy made very smart move.

He told the American people – if you want Hillary to go to jail, vote for Trump in November!


According to World News Politics:

Right now, there’s no doubt that that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a well-known offender. U.S. citizens have become increasingly anxious that she proceeds to avoid justice despite her many years of violating the law.

VIA Proud Patriots

Congressman Trey Gowdy has risked his career and his reputation in an effort to bring Hillary to justice. Thus far, she has evaded all of his moves. We can only hope his next one can take him down for good.

He argued that American voters who “vigorously disagree” with how the Justice Department has handled Hillary’s prosecution have the power to replace them with a new Justice Department.

“Out of all of this, five immunity agreements and a really unusual investigation about national security matters with hundreds of classified emails, not one single person is going to face a legal consequence,” Gowdy commented.

“That means this case is dead in the later,” he added, before amending the statement to say. “It is dead in the water other than what I said in the past. There are multiple groups in our culture that provide oversight.”

“There is the executive branch, there’s Congress, there’s you in the media, but on November 8th, the real jury gets to weigh in, and if they think this Department of Justice has been publicized, they are welcome to replace it with another Department of Justice,” he finished.

Yes, we agree, we are going to put Trump in the White House, and then with the new DOJ chief, Hillary will go to jail!

Nobody is going to protect and save from justice then, she will be done!

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