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Breaking: Hillary’s Longtime Lover Murdered, Clinton ‘Fixer’ Confirms He Was Shot In Back Of Head!


New dirty info is coming out from Hillary’s past, and it’s nasty to the bone!

Lovers, killings, crimes, corruption, drugs, it is ugly!

This woman could not be our president, NO WAY!

According to Americas Freedom Fighters:

The man, known as “The Fixer” came forward with some BOMBSHELL intel on the people he used to work for – The Clintons.

Jeff Rovin was hired to hired to cover up their “dirtiest schemes,” including scandalous sex romps and a major scandal involving former deputy White House counsel Vince Foster.

He says that the Clintons have an open marriage. He also says that they hire hookers, buy off news reporters and made it a point to destroy White House intern Monica Lewinsky after her affair with Bill.

He says that Hillary has a terrible temper and that she and Bill had some brutal knock-down, drag-out brawls.

“If screaming is to be taken as validation, there were harsh words behind closed doors that we all heard,” he said.

Perhaps the most startling revelation is that involving Vince Foster. Rovin says that Foster and Hillary were longtime lovers and that the affair lasted for years. Until Foster was found dead.

In 1993 Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster was found dead in a Virginia park but newly discovered evidence, unearthed from deep within the National Archives prove that there was a MASSIVE cover-up.

For many years Foster’s death has been reported as a suicide by A SINGLE GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD. This is FALSE. This is a flat out murder which has been covered up by the Clinton Cartel.

The official report says Foster died from one.38 caliber gunshot through the throat but in fact, there were TWO gunshots. The other bullet was on the right side of his neck that one of the paramedics described as a ‘small-caliber’ bullet hole.

A SUICIDE? USING 2 GUNS? Yeah, I buy that one…

In fact, a two-page resignation letter written by Independent Council Kenneth Starr’s lead prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez tells a tale of the cover-up that has been hidden for years. Rodriguez also explained that after he produced the photographic evidence, as well as statements from witnesses that had been modified to fit the suicide theory, he was targeted by the FBI and was internally investigated and harassed.

The Clinton Cartel.

The night after the tragic death of Foster, White House staff – including Hillary’s Chief of Staff – searched Foster’s office for a suicide note. Under the noses of the police and FBI, they took away a number of sensitive files. Later, it was alleged but never proved that the Clintons had combed through these files during the five days before they were handed over.

Other key papers – records for Hillary’s legal work on the failed Arkansas bank – appear to have gone missing, too. Although later the subject of a subpoena, the records were not retrieved for more than two years. Whatever the truth behind all the activity that followed Foster’s death, the appearance of concealment was enough to trigger five separate federal inquiries. There were also three official investigations into Foster’s death, all of which concluded that he had committed suicide.

After Foster’s funeral in Arkansas, Hillary had difficulty getting out of bed for several days. Her friend’s death had “ripped a hole” through her, according to Ann McCoy, a friend from Arkansas. On the day she returned to her office, a torn-up note on yellow paper was found at the bottom of Foster’s briefcase. It was a list of grievances and concerns about life in the White House that he had jotted down in the days before his death. Nussbaum went to Hillary’s office to tell her he’d “found something Vince wrote that may help explain why he did what he did.” Hillary “looked startled,” Nussbaum recalled.