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Hah-Hah, This Is Terrific: UK Reporter Calls CNN “Clinton News Network” During Live Interview!


American mainstream media got killed in these elections!

With their Clinton protection, they lost all the respect in public eyes.

Look what about them is the opinion in UK and all over the world.

According to The gateway Pundit:

UK Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins went on CNN and TRASHED their biased anti-Trump reporting:

Katie Hopkins: I think he’s going to win. I think you guys are in for a big surprise which I am quite excited about. I think we have seen a very similar thing here in the UK with Brexit.

We saw a lot of the liberal press kind of sneering at Brexiteers. We see a lot of the sneering that we’re seeing from the Clinton News Network.

CNN host: That’s CNN, you’re calling us the Clinton News Network.

Katie Hopkins: That’s exactly correct.

CNN host: Why?…

Katie Hopkins: I will say having sat in the Republican convention and having watched your coverage, it is completely biased. And I think Trump is doing a great job.

And I think what we saw from him today over… You’ll also find polls that find 70% of individuals find Clinton to be utterly distasteful. I find her abhorrent to look at. Her little smile there does nothing for me.

It only gets better! This was one of the best pro-Trump interviews of the year!

Katie Hopkins calls CNN the Clinton News Network, "Your coverage is totally biased. CNN polls are meaningless" https://t.co/RYD0vI0CK6

— MicroSpookyLeaks™ (@WDFx2EU7) October 27, 2016

This is why we need new media, there is a huge gossip that Trump family is going to start with new Trump TV!

But his kids are going to run it, he is going to be US president!

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