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BREAKING: Julian Assange Just Announced His Smoking Gun! It’s Coming Before The Election Is Over!


Hillary Clinton is getting hit from all sides right now. Not only did the FBI reopen her email case, James O’Keefe released his fifth video, and now Julian Assange has joined the party.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have released 35,594 Podesta emails since October 7th.
They have 50,000 Podesta emails to publish.

But that’s not all people.

WikiLeaks #PodestaEmails

-Started: October 7
-Releases to date: 21
-Emails published: 35,594
-Total emails to be published: 50,000+

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 28, 2016

Via Russia Today reporter in London:

“He will release more material in what he says will provide enogh evidence to see Hillary Clinton arrested.”

This could be the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s coffin. She can’t survive the onslaught from these three. Between Julian Assange, the FBI, and James O’Keefe, Hillary Clinton doesn’t stand a chance.

If he has this evidence and releases it right before election day Hillary Clinton will be completely finished!

This is absolutely incredible! Hillary Clinton is hiding in her campaign headquarters trying to come up with some scheme to try and get out of all of this.

While we wait for the FBI to redeem themselves and send Hillary Clinton to jail, at least we have Julian Assange to share the truth with the American people.

Hillary Clinton and her cronies can try and cover up the truth as much as they want but we all know that she is  the most crooked person to ever step into politics.

Hillary Clinton must be stopped and we can do that by supporting Donald Trump’s run for the presidency.

Donald Trump is the peoples choice and that is evident from the size of his rallies compared to the measly 30 people Hillary Clinton can manage to get at her rallies.