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Breaking: Oh Boy, Former FBI Director Drops Nuke On New Hillary Probe, She Is Done!


New revelations are coming up about new Hillary FBI investigation!

And former FBI assistant director has very good news!

We love days like this!

According to Political Cult:

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell on the presidential election when he sent a letter to Congress announcing that he’s reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Team Hillary had thought that this entire ordeal was behind them, but then Huma Abedin’s Weiner came back to haunt them.

While searching devices that belong to Abedin and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, the FBI came across information that was directly linked to the investigation into Hillary’s private server, which caused the bureau to reopen the case.

Now a former assistant director for the FBI is weighing in on the case, and if what he has to say actually pans out, it’s going to be a really, really rough fall for Hillary and her aides.

BREAKING: FBI Asst Director says James Comey wud NEVER hav ReOpened Case on Hillary Clinton unless they had chance 2Convict! #HillarysEmails pic.twitter.com/lEUwnnnQVM

— DEPLORABLE TRUMPCAT (@Darren32895836) October 29, 2016

So she is toasted!

Great news, America!

We are going to win!

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