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She Is Not Capable Of Being Us President: How Can Hillary Conquer Isis If She Can’t Conquer This Single Stair?


Hillary is not capable of being US president!

She could not be even a house cleaner in the White House!

She is weak, stupid, and sick!

According to The Truth Division:

Expect #SickHillary to start trending again.

During a campaign rally Wednesday in Lake Worth Florida, Hillary Clinton needed help climbing one step onto a platform.

According to new footage, Clinton was given a helping hand as she climbed onto the riser to address an small overflow crowd that was unable to get into her rally.

Also, pay attention to the man who helped her up — he stood behind her the entire time, even reaching his arms out to catch her in case she fell.

Sick Hillary can't even conquer a single step without help. pic.twitter.com/vckFQaKj6Z

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) October 26, 2016

This video further casts a light on Hillary’s stamina and health. In the past, Hillary’s health has been called into question by not only people on the Right, but even by her own staff and Obama’s former doctor.

Following her collapse at the 9/11 memorial this year, Clinton was forced to address her health issues. It is well known that Clinton has had her fair share of them.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has on many occasions suggested Clinton’s stamina and health impact upon her ability to endure the rigors of the office of President.

We need strong, smart and health president with great vision for America!

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