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Something Very Disturbing Just Happened In Chicago: Muslims Did The Unthinkable!!


What is the worst thing that you can do in America, expect killing someone?

From our perspective, that is to go in public and shout DEATH TO AMERICA!

And especially if you are very soon come immigrant, so you landed in America used all the goodies and that shouted DEATH TO AMERICA?!
How insane is this?!

According to Freedom Daily:

Muslims in Chicago thought chanting “death to America” went unnoticed by the leftist mainstream media.

Since this doesn’t pander to the left, and it makes Muslims look violent and hateful, the mainstream news networks like CNN silently passed over this wicked display of hate for America.

Why do Muslims live here if they hate it so much? Why not hop on a plane and fly to the eastern hemisphere and live in a third world country? Maybe they’ll fit in better and can hate America while having a long distance relationship with it.

I always wonder what’s going on in someone’s head when they live somewhere that they hate. Just pack up and move. People say you can’t just do that, but the truth is YES YOU CAN.

Sell everything. Pack the car, camel, plane, whatever – and get the f*ck out. Book a one way ticket and go with the flow. Pack all your belongings and drive somewhere else. Whatever you do, just shut up and go.

While Chicago isn’t the most pleasant city to live in with all the violence going on, these folks chanting bad things about America sure aren’t helping to make it better.

Where is CNN whenever someone is chanting bad things about our awesome country? I thank every God in the galaxy that I was lucky enough to be born in America and not in a third world country. People have no idea how lucky they are to live here.

Here’s a video of the protest in Chicago. It’s filled with people who do not appreciate this country and would be better if they all flew away somewhere.

Shut up or leave. That’s your only choices.

This is what it sounded like when people asked “where’s CNN” or the other big time news networks. Was no one listening to these hateful people?

America is the country of opportunities for all!

Just respect the country and respect the rule of law and do not insult anyone!

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