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This Is Amazing: Bill O’Reilly’s Epic Response To Hillary’s Lies Will Change The Outcome Of The Election!


Bill O’Reilly is an old TV legend that we always can count on if there is a huge problem in America! This time the danger is called Hillary and he is fighting great fight against her. Look at this epic rant on Live TV!

According to Yes I’m Right:

Once again Bill O’Reilly is the voice of reason in a sea of coverups and scandals that would put any normal American behind bars for life.

How can Hillary Clinton and James Comey still be free citizens of the United States? It is beyond human comprehension as to how they are not locked up behind bars. In the segment below, Bill O’Reilly showcases the biggest smoking gun of this entire scandal where a new email has been released saying that, they wanted to get away with it.

Bill then goes on to absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, prove on live TV, that there was wrong doing, everyone knew about it, and that they all covered it up.

I suspect a criminal investigation of FBI director James Comey as well as Hillary Clinton will be handed down in just days because of this.

Wikileaks shows they all knew. Everyone single Democrat involved in this scandal knew that Hillary knew about it and was putting national security at risk, and they covered it up.

Hillary Clinton and James Comey are criminals and deserve to be brought to justice like any other American would be if they did what they did.

God bless Bill O’Reilly! He is one of the few that had the balls and heart to go after crooked Hillary!

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