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This Is Why Hillary Allowed Ambassador Stevens To Be Killed, It’s Sick To The Bone!


Wow, this story will make you throw up!

This is disgusting to epic proportions!

If this is true, Hillary is the biggest monster in American politics, ever!

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

With the release of additional emails from Hillary Clinton’s secret server, the American people have more reasons to vote Republican every day.

In one of these emails, recently published by Wikileaks, it was revealed that Hillary Clinton and her staff called the American heroes that died in Benghazi “four guys,” as per the Federalist Papers.

A cartoon released recently points out that it’s possible the “four guys” did not receive increased security because they failed to make donations to the Clinton foundation.

All that Hillary cares about is money. If someone doesn’t thicken her wallet, why would she care listen to what they have to say?

“What difference does it make,” Hillary Clinton said during the Benghazi hearing. What does it matter that these random “four guys” were killed under my watch? Hillary, it does matter how they died, what led to their death, whether or not you lied to the FBI, and whether or not you destroyed evidence of a criminal investigation.

Namely, it matters because it was party Clinton’s fault. Hillary Clinton contributed to their death by ignoring Ambassador Stevens’ calls for additional security, though her job demands she “personally” inspect the security of every embassy.

Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence, who has a son in the Marines, reacted to these statements by declaring that anyone who says something so disgraceful should be disqualified from running for president.

The President of the United States needs to be the Commander-in-Chief of the military.

The President is supposed to honor, respect, and protect every single one of the honorable men and women who serve this country abroad and each citizen at home. You shouldn’t have to bribe a President to get their attention!

Disgracefully, in the emails Huma went on to say that those “four guys” should not be talked about very much. The honorable men and women who serve this country deserve a Commander-in-Chief that is going to acknowledge them, even in death.

Now, not only has Hillary Clinton lied about contributing to the death of four Americans, she heeds the advice of people who think she should not discuss these “four guys” very much. Perhaps if there was money involved, Hillary Clinton would hold a remembrance ceremony.

Maybe she would even tell the truth to Congress about the matter.

I hope Hillary Clinton will apologize for these statements, not just to the American people, but to the families of those four fallen heroes.

There has to be deep investigation in all of this!