Home Politics Breaking: Hillary Just Revenged To Putin For Wikileaks By Doing The Unthinkable!

Breaking: Hillary Just Revenged To Putin For Wikileaks By Doing The Unthinkable!


Well, somebody in US desperately want to start a war with Russia!

And why is that? Is there interest in military lobby, is Hillary behind this?

Let’s find out!

According to American Freedom Fighters:

Mikhail Lesin, a former Russian cabinet minister, seemed extremely drunk when he showed up at the bar in the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown one day and the bartender sent him away, police officials report.

He checked out of the hotel and went to the Dupont Circle Hotel. He was alone and surveillance video shows that he looked drunk, but had no physical injuries as he went to his room.

Days later, the 57-year-old millionaire was found dead in his room, lying on the floor. His family told media outlets that the former aide to Russian President Vladi-mir Putin had suffered a heart attack, according to Washington Post.

The D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office said Lesin died of blunt force trauma to the head and had bruises on other areas of his body. The examiner initially reached no conclusion about whether the man, who was a trusted member of Putin’s inner circle and once ruled a media empire died because of a crime, an accident or some other means.

The investigation of Lesin’s death was conducted by D.C. police and the U.S. attorney’s office with assistance from the FBI who now are claiming that Lesin died of head injuries suffered in accidental falls after days of “excessive” drinking, authorities in Washington said Friday as they closed the death investigation.

“Lesin died of blunt-force injuries to his head, the statement said, and also suffered injuries to his neck, torso, arms and legs caused by falls.”

So he beat himself to death? This is suspicious as all hell.

Yeah, I don’t buy it. It sounds to me as if he got the crap beat out of him and was murdered by the Clinton Cartel.

We are more than sure that Hillary has to do something with this, or her sponsors and helpers.

In the middle if the elections, somebody is trying to revenge for the WikiLeaks!

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