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Breaking: Is Tim Kaine Quitting The Race!?


Nobody likes Hillary and Kaine!

Their rallies are boring and pathetic!

But even that is not the reason to cancel a rally, maybe Tim is quitting from the race?!

According to American Freedom Fighters:

Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine announced Wednesday that he was cancelling a campaign rally that was scheduled in Sarasota, Florida.

But why? Was there a death in the family? Did he forget that he was supposed to head his local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting? No, that’s not why the d-bag cancelled. Here’s why.

While Kaine gave no actual reason for cancelling, the reason that he did is because NOBODY SHOWS UP TO HIS PATHETIC RALLIES!


I mean, take a look at his pathetic event he held in West Palm Beach at the start of the week. 30 morons showed up!

Most of them were reporters and the rest were homeless people they found on the street and fed them a burger to attend.

I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind would actually want to see Tim Kaine spewing his fake garbage.

One look at the dude and it’s like- WHO THE F**K IS THIS FREAK? And with those ridiculous eyebrows, how could anyone actually hear a word he is saying. The eyebrow is hypnotizing.


“Vote for Crooked Hillary” “Vote for Crooked Hillary” “Vote for Crooked Hillary”

Dude is one strange hombre. Alright, I’ll stop with the eyebrow crap.

Okay, check this out:

“BREAKING: #TimKaine rally only about 30 people show up. Her campaign is dead in#Florida nobody wants #HillaryClinton Serial Liar Corrupt”

BREAKING: #TimKaine rally only about 30 people show up. Her campaign is dead in #Florida nobody wants #HillaryClinton Serial Liar Corrupt pic.twitter.com/vgnWGHxXgs

— Trump Street Team FL (@ChatRevolve) October 24, 2016

The event was a total catastrophe just like Hillary’s pathetic rallies.

Look, no one wan’t to see this dude. And frankly, only idiots want to see Hillary Clinton. Grandma screams in the most annoying voice possible while wearing the ugliest pantsuits money can buy.

Meanwhile Donald Trump packs the house with standing room only and our people are on fire! We want change and we want it now!
There’s no doubt that the people want Trump. Unfortunately, Hillary and the Dems have bought the electorate vote so we have a problem on our hands.

But to tell you the truth, it’s time to take action against this corrupt political system and I will be happy to be a part of the 2nd American Revolution.

We need change and we need it now! As far as Tim Kaine goes – never heard of her.

Tim is the worst candidate for VP in US history!

Only Hillary is worst politician than him in this elections!

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