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BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Just Ended The Entire Clinton Family With 1 Sentence On Live TV!


Hillary Clinton is a sinking ship and everyone is beginning to realize this! Hillary Clinton is taking on water from all sides!

Everyone is coming out against Hillary Clinton now after Julian Assange, James O’Keefe, and many others have been consistently been revealing her deep and dark secrets.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Campaign Manager, has been trying to point out all of the terrible things that Hillary has been doing the entire election as well and she just got her chance on live TV.

During an interview on Fox News, Conway destroyed the entire Clinton family with one sentence!

Kellyanne Conway: What we are reminded of is this cloud of corruption that always follows Hillary Clinton. And we are having this entire conversation about a renewed FBI investigation because Hillary Clinton did what she always does, put Hillary first… We can never get the stench and the stain of the Clintons off of us it turns out.


Hillary Clinton’s entire family is about to go down in one of the most epic and ridiculous political crime families that there are out there!

Let’s hope that the FBI will redeem themselves this time and finally end Hillary Clinton for good.

Kellyanne Conway brings up a very good point in the interview. The reason Hillary Clinton is back under investigation is because of evidence from another investigation from the original one.

The evidence was significant enough to reopen Hillary’s case and that says something in and of itself. This comes after Director Comey said that they would never reopen Hillary Clinton’s case.

Well Hillary, guess what just happened?