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BREAKING: Long Time Clinton Advisor Just Turned On Hillary! Watch The Hillary’s Campaign Go Up In Flames!


Democratic pollster Doug Shoen has been with the Clinton’s for years. He was even instrumental during Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996 and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Now he is no longer with the Clintons.

In a statement on live on Fox News, Schoen withdrew his support of the Clinton’s fully.

#Doug Schoen has just renounced his support of Hillary Clinton due to the Email scandal. #FoxReport kudos to Mr. Schoen pic.twitter.com/8Ww0hVZdzO

— trumpnation2016 (@datrumpnation1) October 30, 2016

Shoen, “”I’ve been a supporter of Secretary Clinton.”

Host Harris Faulkner, “We all know, yeah!”

Schoen, “You do know. But, and the but is a big deal, at least to me. Given that this investigation is gonna go on for many months after the election.”

Faulkner, “No matter who wins.”

Schoen, “No matter who wins. But if the secretary of State (Clinton) wins we will have a president under criminal investigation with Huma Abedin under investigation, the secretary of State–the president-elect–should she win under investigation. Harris, under these circumstances I am actively reassessing my support. I’m not a Trump…”

Faulkner, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You’re not gonna vote for Hillary Clinton?”

Schoen, “Harris, I’m deeply concerned that we will have a constitutional crisis if she’s elected. I want to learn more this week see what we see. But as of today I am not a supporter of the secretary of State for the next…”

Faulkner, speaks over Schoen, “How long have you known the Clintons, sir?”

Schoen, “I’ve known the Clintons since 1994.”

Faulkner, “Wow.”

Schoen was on a panel with fellow Democrat pollster Pat Caddell and former Republican Congressman John LeBoutillier.

This is a huge blow for the Clinton’s going into the final days of the race, but who could blame Schoen. There is no sense in supporting someone that is under FBI investigation for the second time this election.