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BREAKING: Robbie Mook Just Admitted Everything In O’Keefe’s Videos Are True! Watch Him Crumble Under The Pressure!


Robbie Mook is hurting Hillary Clinton more than helping her at this point! She is absolutely taking in water from every side!

Mook went onto CNN for an interview and was confronted about James O’Keefe’s first two Project Veritas Action videos.

Mook just crumbled under pressure and admitted that they were true. Bob Creamer and Scott Foval both were fired immediately after the videos were released, which is proof in and of itself, but now Hillary’s campaign manager just admitted that everything on the videos is true!

While he claims after this that Hillary Clinton’s campaign wasn’t connected to these men at all, why were they organizing rallies at Trump and Pence Events to incite riots and attack people?

James O’Keefe was very quick to respond to Mook’s lies and tweeted out proof that Mook was lying from WikiLeaks.

Robby Mook went on CNN and blatantly lied to @jaketapper pic.twitter.com/PwHXPfb2ZL

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 30, 2016

Robby Mook was just caught with his pants down on live television!

Hillary can’t even come up with believable lies anymore!

Watch Mook’s interview with Jake Tapper below:

These people are the ultimate crooks! Thankfully we have people like James O’Keefe and Julian Assange to provide us with the evidence of their lies!

Robby Mook basically just finished Hillary by lying about her involvement!

Not that he could have admitted to it, but it appears that Hillary’s days as a free woman are becoming numbered as she begins to await incarceration rather than becoming president.

Hillary Clinton’s lies are all catching up to her and this is perfect for Donald Trump. He just gets to sit back and watch as Hillary’s campaign repeatedly self-destructs from the inside out.

Who should people trust the candidate that is now being investigated for the second time during an election or one that hasn’t been investigated at all?